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Learning Korean in Singapore

If you’re interested in learning Korean in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. With the right approach, you can quickly become conversational in Korean.

Six best schools for learning Korean in Singapore for all ages

Singapore has become one of the most developed countries in the world in the last decade. Technology and education are advancing at a rapid pace worldwide. Consequently, Singapore is one of Asia’s most important commercial and tourist destinations. It is becoming increasingly important to learn the language used in the country as the population grows rapidly. Korean is an example of a language that falls within this category. 

Are you looking for a Korean class in Singapore? In this post, we’ve gathered all of the information needed to produce a list of the top 9 Korean schools in Singapore.

The SEOUL Korean Language Centre

Regarded as one of the best schools for learning Korean in Singapore. This prestigious Korean Language Centre offers the best Korean education in Singapore, along with customized textbooks and online practice programs. In Singapore, the Korean class is highly participatory and conversational. It uses various learning resources to engage students in multiple activities to use the spoken language. The Covid 19 pandemic however has forced the institution to embrace technology and offer their classes in online. 

 If you are undecided, there is a free trial lesson tailored for your needs.

ONLYOU Korean Language School

This school makes learning Korean in Singapore as a second language more engaging and fun. They offer successful lessons that pique learners’ interests while ensuring a thorough comprehension of Korean words. In addition, the teachers research Korean language teaching by being members of the Korean Society of Bilingualism and the International Association for Korean Language Education. 

In Singapore, the Korean chores include pointers to the K-POP/K-plays in class. Their personalized study materials are examined and updated regularly.

iSpeak Korean Language Centre

Established in 2014, this school is your ultimate place for Learning Korean in Singapore.

The school boasts native Korean teachers with extensive teaching experience at NUS, NEX, and Korean Tour Organization. Lessons in Singapore created by Korean teachers have a systemic and rich experience in teaching that greatly improves interacting and engagement in dialogue thereby promoting active discussion. This environment boosts interaction and discussion among the pupils.

In conclusion, most people aren’t interested in Learning Korean in Singapore because they aren’t aware of all the advantages. In today’s fast-paced world, learning a different language opens up endless possibilities. You many not know who may require your services. For example, to better serve their Korean clients, an organization might hire you. Furthermore, Koreans who wish to study a second language like Spanish or English can be your first students.

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